sábado, 5 de novembro de 2011

Sow the Seeds of Love

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Sow the Seeds of Love (Plante sementes do Amor)
Em 14 de abril de 2002 – 27 de julho de 2002

Letra:        Elizabeth Sampson,
                 Donaldo Santos Junior
                 Alifonsina Maria Vieira Silva

Música:     Donaldo Santos Junior

If you wish to make the world better,
Sow the seeds of love.
If you wish peace among all people,
Sow the seeds of love.

Extend your hand to a friend in need,
Looking around and doing your part.
You’ll see it’s not so hard a deed,
Listen hard to the voice in your heart.


Sow the seeds of love.
At work and in all you do.
Water them with care and love.
Christ will bless you.

If you harvest joy, forgiveness and goodness,
You Sow the seeds of love.
If you harvest fraternity and gratitude,
You gain a friend from above.

If you Sow the seeds of love,
Cary out on Earth na admirable part...
Spread happiness,
And be at peace with your heart.